Post-Fiat Manifesto



Humans do bigger, better, more important things together than apart. But working together is difficult, and that difficulty increases with the scale of the project. As our projects grow more ambitious, coordination between participants becomes a greater and greater proportion of the cost, eventually becoming prohibitive. Anything that makes coordination cheaper increases the scope of projects humanity can take on.

Many great advances in coordination technology have been financial in nature. Most obvious is money itself, which enables almost frictionless tracking of who is owed a favor, independent of who owes it. Others include double entry bookkeeping, and digital payments that enabled long distance commerce. Advances like these led to technological progress and higher standards of living for everyone.

There are many more advances to come in the space of financial coordination, and developing them faster is better. However developing these new tools is its own coordination problem. New innovations come from cross-pollination between wildly different disciplines, and this has become more challenging as our world has become more siloed. Post-Fiat is a place for that cross-pollination to happen: a community bringing together engineers, academics, cypherpunks, entrepreneurs, and more, to catalyze new thoughts and ways of looking at old problems. Problems like hyperinflation leading to starvation, too-large currency zones leading to economic depression, and a system for funding science that discourages innovation. The current system is failing us. We can build something better. Post-Fiat is thrilled to host the attempt.